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Vidyakunj International School is set on a course to help make a difference in the world of education under the aegis of visionary and notable educators. The School aims at giving a value based wholesome quality education to develop along with intellectual excellence and achievement.

our education culture


Welcome to our House System! At our school, we have a house system that promotes a sense of community among our students.

Examination system

Radically improved examination system focussing on concepts rather than theory.

Sports Achievement

Discovering, polishing skills and leading them to the ultimate goals.

Creative Activity

Creative Activities that are truly global as well as culturally-relevant and personalized to the needs of every child.

Interactive Club

Preparing your child for a globalised world.

Teaching methodology

Providing children with the skill and knowledge to thrive in a 21st century society.

Cultural program

Importance of cultural activities in school is the innermost core that shapes everything that goes on inside a school.

News & Event

From the Desk of the Principal

Welcome to Vidyakunj International School

I am really honoured and feel very privileged to function as the Principal of Vidyakunj International School.

The school has its clear vision and mission objective. In order to accomplish our vision and mission, we take as much effort as possible. We believe that education is an effective medium of social transformation.

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Core Practices

  • Prospectus Core Values
  • Enquiry Core Values
  • Admission Process Core Values
  • Photo Gallery Core Values
  • Video Gallery Core Values
  • Notice Core Values


The classrooms are bright and airy. The furniture and décor of each classroom at Vidyakunj School has been designed for different student groups to facilitate improved teaching and learning. All the classrooms have individual lockers for each child to keep their books and stationery.
Our school is well equipped with State of the Art, Computer, Mathematics and Robotics Laboratories. Robotics lab is equipped with proper kits which help students in designing, building, programming and testing to meet the challenges set by the educators. Not only is this it helpful to meet the next generation’s workforce needs.
Our library is an inviting space where students may acquire knowledge and gain insight; a welcoming haven where children may seek respite from a demanding day. Located on the campus but away from the classrooms, the library a quiet atmosphere for peaceful reading and study.
Sports help to build character and teach the importance of discipline in life. With sports and games hour allotted every day, the students are encouraged to engage in a variety of activities to inculcate the importance of discipline, team spirit and fitness.
Installing CCTV cameras at strategic locations across school premises ensures that a child’s day-to-day life in school is constantly being monitored and recorded.


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